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Hi! My name is Nadieh Bremer. I’m an award-winning data visualization designer and artist, working as a freelancer under the name "Visual Cinnamon" with a background in data science, and am officially a graduated astronomer.

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I focus on uniquely crafted and creative data visuals that are both effective and visually appealing. No matter if the end result is static, animated or interactive. My clients range from well-known names such as Google News Lab, The New York Times, Sony Music, UNESCO to small start-ups. But I also love working for printed magazines such as Scientific American and the New York Times to creating more artful visualizations for press releases and data-driven reports. As long as there's data that has a story to reveal.

In this shop you can find high quality (giclée) data visualization prints that started out purely digital, but where I felt they also deserved to live in the material world. They can either be based on personal projects that I undertake in my spare time, or inspired by projects that I've done for clients in the past.

If you have any questions about my prints, check out the FAQ's page, or feel free to email me.

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