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Jigsaw Puzzles

Artifact Puzzles has released three high-quality wooden jigsaw puzzles that feature my art! All three are fun takes on the typical "gradient puzzle".

A close-up of puzzle pieces Almost finished Nebulium puzzle

"Coronium" and "Nebulium" come from my Coiling Curves series and feature two unique, chunky, spirographs that come from my ever-evolving spirograph algorithms. Each has a custom design for its pieces that is created specifically for that puzzle. It's challenging, but also doable in one good sitting.

You can see a short video I made about putting together the “Nebulium” puzzle on my Instagram here.

Putting together the Coronium puzzle The finished Coronium puzzle

"Color Dreams" features a Perlin noise based rainbow background overlayed with several hundred tiny spirographs that I handpicked from thousands of options that my spirograph algorithm created.

Color Dreams puzzle