Shipping costs: €6 worldwide flat rate

Signed Giclée Prints

Printing method | Giclée
Sizes | A3 (297x420mm / 11.69x16.53in) or A4 (210×297mm / 8.27×11.69in)
Limited Editions | Yes

Poster collection

To prepare for my giclée prints, which are not printed directly by me, but by theprintspace, I've had prints send to myself to make sure I approved of the quality, checked the colors, the fonts, readability, and to test different paper stocks in some instances.

Naturally though, I don't need that many prints myself and thought it would be nice to let these be a few "limited editions", where I have signed them in a lower corner (plus I'll add in some of my stickers & a postcard ^_^). So you'd have one of the extremely few versions (maybe 2-3 per print/collection) that contain my autograph.

The signature prints that are available right now are listed below (I only have one of each of the prints described). If you're interested in one, just email me which one, and I'll create an item in the shop just for you to buy!


Final version prints
€69 for A3 | €59 for A4

These are all exactly the same as the final versions


Different paper stock
€59 for A3 | €49 for A4

These are all exactly the same as the final print, but on different paper types. You can read more about each type on theprintspace's website here

  • None available at the moment


Slight visual deviations
€49 for A3 | €39 for A4

These prints are slightly different from their final version. But it's always something small that doesn't deter from them being perfectly lovely prints in their own right. I've explained specifically what is different for each of the prints:

  • Sky map — Hubble Space Telescope — 1 | A3 | Hahnemühle Photorag 308gsm
    In terms of paper, the final version is done on German Etching paper, which has a more textured look, which I preferred just a little more for this dark piece. However, it still looks lovely on Photorag paper (I just had to make a choice). Also, this has a different legend in the bottom-left corner than the final version, see the image below

  • Spirograph Grid | A4 |  Hahnemühle Photorag 308gsm
    This one is almost the same as the final piece, except that the line width is slightly thinner in this piece (this one has 0.5, the final piece has 0.65). Although you can clearly see the full line of each spirograph I wanted them slightly thicker for the final piece to be even more close to the version that I made with my pen plotter
  • All Gold Medals | A3 | Hahnemühle Photorag 308gsm
    The final version has a slightly different text (I tried to shorten the "How to read this" part specifically). Finally, in this version the intro text and five circles are placed slightly more apart (The text is about 1cm from the left edge, and the "boxing" ends at about 1cm from the right edge). Other than that it's completely the same, same data, same colors, same paper.

Note: In terms of shipping costs, this depends on whether it's A4 or A3, if you want tracking, and how far away from my home in the Netherlands it needs to be send. In general it ranges from about €4 for the cheapest (A4 | Within the Netherlands) to €30 (A3 | With Tracking | Outside of Europe) for the priciest shipping.